• Good For Gary

    Mar 2018
    - 9:00PM -

    Good for Gary is a Twin Cities cover band that specializes in playing current and past dance hits, focusing on the newest Top 40 songs. With a 7-piece line-up, there’s no hip-hop, pop, or dance song they can’t cover. You will hear some Iggy Azalea, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Macklemore and old school jams at every show. Check out the rest of the songlist and you will get a taste of what Good for Gary is capable of.

    The members of Good for Gary had been playing in Minnesota clubs for years in other bands and noticed that people love to dance to the music that the DJ plays during the set breaks. Most bands leave that stuff to the DJs, but Good for Gary is bringing dance music directly to the stage. With six years of playing nearly every weekend, Good for Gary has built a devoted local following and an electrifying live show.

    Being a seven-piece band stocked with accomplished musicians, Good for Gary plays every note live with no backing tracks. The band’s humor and enthusiasm shines through in their bar-rocking, stage-jumping performances. Their devotion to getting people moving and staying current with today’s top hits is making Good for Gary one of the most exciting and sought-after cover bands in the Twin Cities.

  • Smokescreen

    Mar 2018
    - 9:45PM -


    Smokescreen continues to bring high energy rock, country, pop music and crowd interaction to audiences throughout the upper Midwest.  On lead vocals, guitar, piano and fiddle is Dwight Holmbo.  Sharing lead vocals is Jessica Purdie, who brings incredible range and stage presence to the group.  Also singing lead and playing guitar is Chris Kerber, a sensational guitarist and vocalist.  Donavon Skinner, known for his outstanding musicianship, plays an amazing bass guitar.  Laying down Smokescreen’s solid and recognizable drum beat is Jesse Bohnsack, a stand out musician.

  • Shaw Brothers

    Mar 2018
    - 9:45 -

    The Shaw Brothers are a Premier Midwest Band that has been performing classic rock to current pop dance music. Featuring Mark Shaw, Jeff Shaw, Trent Shaw.  A Pointe Favorite that has been has been playing since we opened.  Tons of variety and a great stage presence.