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  • Five Minute Major

    Mar 2018
    - 9:45PM -

    5 Minute Major was formed with a simple philosophy:  If it rocks (and/or rolls) and people will dance to it, we’ll play it!   Our set lists are rooted in “Music for The Masses” with Rock (Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benetar, AC/DC etc.) Pop, and Country; anything danceable!  We are constantly refining our sets to ensure that the music does not get stale! 031

  • Bad Girlfriend

    Mar 2018
    - 9:45PM -


    Bad Girlfriends are a crowd favorite at fairs, festivals and clubs performing a high energy mix of classic and current rock, country and pop. They step out of the normal cover band realm and deliver a powerful performance of music by the Tran-Siberian Orchestra and from the Game of Thrones.  You won’t forget this band! Bad Girlfriends feature two female lead vocalists who harmonize beautifully and a female fiddle player. All of the musicians in Bad Girlfriends are top notch seasoned pros. Once you’ve seen Bad Girlfriends, you’ll definitely be a fan! Grab your friends and we’ll see YOU at our next show!


  • Six to Midnight

    Mar 2018
    - 9:45PM -

    Six to Midnight…People love to ask us, “What is that?” “Do you start at Six?” “Are you done at Midnight?” “What does it mean?” Originally, it had no meaning–it was just the catchiest name we could think of. Over time, we’ve worked to associate our name with being the best band you can party with! As a live band, we like to think of ourselves as the party guys that threw $50 into the jukebox and are here to make your club or event come to life!

    So what do you play? Everything. No, seriously… Everything. 60’s? Yes. 80’s? Yes. That hit that just came out last week from Justin Timberlake? Yes. That one country song everyone likes to sing at bar close? Yes. If there’s a hook and you know it, we’re playin’ it.5

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