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  • Grind

    Sep 2018
    - 9:45PM -

    grindGRiND is a high-energy rock band that brings the party everywhere we play!
    Our “show” is non-stop entertainment – a fun time whether you want to get up and dance, or sit back and enjoy.  Performing over 700 shows in the last 11 years, we are a group of professional, seasoned musicians that have built a huge, loyal following playing rock/pop/93X style cover tunes from the 90′s, the 90′s and today!!

    We set ourselves apart from the average cover band by our on stage chemistry, showmanship and rock show atmosphere, adding our own little twist and goofy stage antics to the high energy modern rock/grunge tunes that you know and love.  This is the place to have fun, dance, live, love, laugh, hug, scream, drink and party it up all night long!  Come see a GRiND show at a live music venue near you, and join the party!!!

  • Hitfaced

    Sep 2018
    - 9:45PM -

    hitfacedCelebrating 5 decades of hits in a single night, a Hitfaced show can be a lot like a flash back to some of your favorite moments in time. Playing nothing but chart smashing hits from the 70’s to the present day, there is sure to be something for everyone…

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